Monday, June 5, 2017

Nate and Hailey: The Sunnydale Weddings

So I haven't read any of the Sunnydale series books yet but now I want to after reading this story.  Nate and Hailey's wedding day is the next day but Hailey wishes for nothing more than Nate's daughter Lori to become her own.  The problem is, Lori's mom Victoria hasn't signed the papers yet.  Can Nate get Victoria to sign the papers releasing her rights to a daughter she's never known before Lori walks down the isle?  Great short story and I can't wait to read the main book of Nate and Hailey!

In Constance Phillips' novel, All That's Unspoken, after years of being separated, Hailey kept her promise to Nate to be the woman he kissed at midnight.

A year later, it is their wedding day - the day she, Nate, and Nate's six-year old daughter are to become a family... If only the woman who gave birth to Lori would sign the necessary paperwork allowing Hailey to adopt the child.

Can Nate secure the best gift for his fianc√© and daughter and still make it to the church on time? 

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