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Winter’s Captive Blitz

Winter’s Captive
Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle
(The Lochlann Treaty #1)
Publication date: December 21st 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
The black X of the Aramach Rebels marks the spot Princess Charlotte’s life was destroyed.
Her fiance taken and her kingdom on the brink of war because of it, Charlie refuses to be the damsel in distress and takes matters into her own hands. She can only trust a handful of people as hints of a conspiracy are uncovered.
Leaving her castle and everything she’s ever known behind, Charlie ventures into a place she only thought she knew — her own kingdom. In the face of traitors and thieves and ruthless rebels, Charlie won’t be stopped on her mission to set things right and find her prince.
The only question is: Will she find him before it’s too late?
“Someone has to warn them, but there isn’t anyone we can trust.” My nausea began to fade as the plan took shape in my mind.
“Then how?” Isla stopped pacing.
How, indeed. Logan and Finn could be danger. Oli was in actual danger. What would become of our makeshift family by the time this was all over?
Can I truly do this? Fifteen years of training to lead at Oliver’s side told me the answer was no. That I should stay in the castle where I was safe, helping to ease the tensions of our people with my mere presence. That I had no business gallivanting off to do a man’s work.
But there was another part of me, smaller, buried — but no less real — saying, If not me, then who?
“I know that face.” Hope shone from Isla’s eyes. “I haven’t seen that look in years, but I know that face. Tell me what you’re plotting.”
“I’m not sure yet. Maybe nothing. My father would kill me.”
Isla’s lips tightened in determination. She got to her knees and took both of my hands in hers, piercing me with an unwavering gaze.
“Charlie, I know as well as anyone what’s expected of you. But just this once, I’m going to ask you. What do you think we should do?”
I paused before answering, working out the last of the details in my mind until I was certain there was no other option. A hesitant smile crept onto my lips as I returned her look.
“I have a plan.”
Excerpt three:
“Blasted woman. I told her to stay put.”
I narrowed my eyes, though he couldn’t see me. “Blasted woman did stay put, and requires a towel at your convenience.”
There was a lengthy pause before something came sailing over the screen. I caught it before it hit the water.
“Thanks ever so much.” I stood up, wrapping the small cloth around myself and trying not to shiver. My hair was piled on my head and still mostly dry. I opened my mouth to ask for my clothes when a bundle of fabric was delivered in the same manner as the towel. I bit back a sharp response.
“These aren’t mine,” I told him, though that should have been obvious. My filthy trousers bore no resemblance to the rustic woolen dress I was holding.
“We don’t have time for yer whining, Highness. Just put it on and let’s be on our way.”
Anger chased away the little bit of relaxation the bath had lent me. I had only been stating the obvious, but he had been damned and determined for years to think the very worst of me.
“There was a time when you were kind, Logan.” Last night’s memories simmered at the forefront of my mind.
There was a beat of silence, and I wondered if he had even heard me. Then, his voice came clearly through the screen.
“And there was a time when you aspired to more than mediocrity. So, I suppose we’ve both changed.”

Author Bio:
The name Robin D. Mahle represents a dynamic husband and wife storytelling team. They've travelled the world for both love and war, and a tale began to form between the two of them that just had to be told. One's love of anime and comics collided with the other's love of fiction novels to produce a story with action, captivating dialogue, and riveting prose.
The female piece to the puzzle that is Robin spends her days as a captioner for the deaf and hard of hearing. She loves to read, write, and loves all things Doctor Who. A Marine Corps veteran, her husband homeschools their offspring, lovingly nicknamed Thing 1 and Thing 2. He loves to write and spend time in his garden.They also have two fur babies: a standard full-sized poodle and a persian cat. Their family lives in Colorado after a lifetime of being way too hot in Texas.
Author links:
Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Elle Madison has a lifelong love affair with escaping into the world of books. Trying her hand at creating a world for others to dive into has been a dream come true. Elle spends her days wrestling and snuggling her two little boys and being a giant nerd with her husband. You can frequently find them at Renaissance Festivals as well as Comic Con's, a.k.a the only places she can dress up as a faerie and it not be weird. Existing on chocolate, pasta, and boxed wine, Elle loves to venture outdoors, explore new places, and volunteer for her community. After a lifetime of searching, she's found her own happily ever after in Colorado with her little family.
Author links:
Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram


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Kingdom of Thorns & Dreams Blitz

Kingdom of Thorns and Dreams: A Limited Edition of Sleeping Beauty Retellings
Publication date: October 15th 2019
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, New Adult
Sleeping Beauty, but not how you remember it…

One kiss.
That’s all. Just one kiss and the curse will be broken.
But is love’s true kiss a myth and will it be strong enough to break the curse that’s held her in its grasp for a century?
The compelling tale of a young princess fated to sleep forever and the prince destined to save her retold in this spellbinding collection by USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors.
One click now for your happily ever after.


Claimed by the Demon Hunter Blitz

Claimed by the Demon Hunter
Harley James
(Guardians of Humanity, #1)
Publication date: October 19th 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
I want to shove her against the wall and take her innocence.
That was my thought as she ran into me in our apartment hallway.
Most women that come this close to a demon hunter turn to putty on the spot.
Not Jessie.
This sassy little spitfire is playing hard to get.
Beautiful eyes and heart shaped ass that would make any immortal do bad things.
I was a scumbag before my death and fate gave me two choices.
Fight demons for the sake of humanity, or face hellfire and damnation.
Yeah, not really much of a choice…
Guarding humanity is tough, but loving Jessie makes me remember what it’s like to be human.
Her gentle touch and caring heart make me want to be… more.
So as the battle for good and evil draws near, Jessie’s safety is my main concern.
They try to come for her.
Wrong move.
I protect what’s mine.

Author Bio:
Mom by day and freak by night, Harley is a down to earth soccer mom who lets her foxy side fly when writing about witty females, over the top bad boys, and a world of steamy magical romance so hot it’d make a demon sweat.
When Harley’s not reading, writing, or dancing in the kitchen, some of her favorite activities happen in the great outdoors with her sexy alpha hubby, their two awesome teenagers, and the world’s coolest dog, Finn.
So leave all your worries behind and let Harley make your sultry fantasies come to life!


The Living Canvas Blitz

The Living Canvas
Pepper Winters
(Master of Trickery Duet #2)
Publication date: November 15th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
The second and final book in the Master of Trickery Duet!
“Must be brave, stubborn, and impervious to the tempers of loved ones.”
The first line hissed with history.
“Hours are endless, pay is non-existence, quitting absolutely forbidden.”
The second line ached with truth.
“Able to function on no sleep, refrain from running when times get hard, and be more than just a living canvas but a lover.”
The third thrummed with honesty.
“Other attributes required: forgiving, opinionated, and not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong. Must also enjoy being touched and kissed at any time of my choosing.”
The fourth glowed with promise.
“Call or email ‘YOUR HEART, HIS SOUL’ if interested in applying.”
The final made my future unfold.
The advert was so similar to one I should never have applied for.
A twist of fate that brought two destined people back together.
A job I would take in a heartbeat if the employer could offer such terms.
But I wasn’t free.
Neither was Gil.
Therefore, my interview could never happen.

Author Bio:
Pepper Winters is a multiple New York Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestseller.
After chasing her dreams to become a full-time writer, Pepper has earned recognition with awards for best Dark Romance, best BDSM Series, and best Hero. She's an multiple #1 iBooks bestseller, along with #1 in Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, and Erotica Thriller. She's also honoured to wear the IndieReader Badge for being a Top 10 Indie Bestseller.
Pepper is a Hybrid Author of both Traditional and Self-published work. Her Pure Corruption Series was released by Grand Central, Hachette.
Her books have garnered foreign interest and are currently being translated into numerous languages, including already released titles in Italian, French, German, Hebrew, and Turkish.


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A Bestiary Alphabet by Felix Eddy

About A Bestiary Alphabet:

From Al-Mi’raj to Zlatarog, The Bestiary Alphabet features a different mythical creature for every letter of the alphabet, lovingly drawn and illustrated by the talented Felix Eddy.

Like the medieval bestiaries of old, the Bestiary Alphabet collects mythological creatures from all over the globe. Some are household names, others are delightful obscurities, but all will move and inspire you to dream of a world that you have never seen. Felix Eddy’s trip through the alphabet will show you the magic, mystery, power and beauty in all the things that might have been.

A Bestiary Alphabet is an illustrated guide to mythological creatures for a general audience.

Follow the Tour:

Book Details:

Hardcover: 92 pages

Publisher: Mirror World Publishing

Publish Date: October 17, 2019

ISBN-10: 1987976614
ISBN-13: 978-1987976618

Read an Excerpt:

The al-mi’raj is a Middle Eastern beast that looks like a very large yellow rabbit with a long black horn growing from its head. Sometimes called simply a-mi’raj, they are said to kill and eat horses, and are very deadly to humans. They are featured in Islamic poetry and said to live on a mysterious island somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Highly skilled traveling witches were the only ones able to destroy these creatures and prevent them from returning to an area. In fact, it’s likely that these “highly skilled traveling witches” actually spread rumors of these creatures so they could use their “skills” to exterminate them— for a price. They didn’t have to stretch the truth too far, though, because the al-mi’raj was possibly based on real life “attack bunnies”.

There are a few diseases that afflict rabbits, causing lumpy growths or making their fur matt up painfully, appearing like horns, or like bumps where a horn fell off. These rabbits are often driven mad with pain from their twisted and matted fur, which can make them unusually aggressive. While it’s doubtful that a rabbit could kill a horse, even if it was mad with pain, certainly a rabbit that was acting insane and rushing at people would cause some real alarm— perhaps enough to start the myth of a monstrous horned rabbit.

Horned rabbits have been translated into modern use by a number of fantasy writers and game companies. They are featured in video games and role-playing game books, both as monsters and as humorous creatures, called “horned rabbits” or “bunnycorns” or “unibunnies”.

Purchase Links:

Mirror World Publishing


Meet the Author:

Felix Eddy is an artist from Upstate New York. She is the illustrator of several books, including Dragonbait, The Time Traveller’s Resort and Museum, Bark’s Mulberry Socks, and Witches Witches Everywhere. You can find out more about her work at

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Blog Tour for Hot Daddy Sauce

Hot Daddy Sauce (Hot Daddy Series)
Angel Devlin and Tracy Lorraine
ADD TO YOUR TBR #HotDaddySauce #LiveNow #HotDaddySeries 
#BareNakedWords #TracyLorraine #AngelDevlin
Hot Daddy Sauce is **LIVE** 
Buy Hot Daddy Sauce NOW!
It’s getting hot around here! Chilli hot!
My next door neighbour, Jenson, is a chef and a successful businessman. He’s also a single daddy to the cutest six-year-old girl.
I’m only here as long as it takes to get my parents old house ready for sale. Then it’s time for me to make a fresh start, away from the tragic events of late.
Trouble is, now I’ve had a taste of this hot daddy’s sauce, I want more…
When I see Leah in the garden next door, at first I think she’s barely out of school. But she soon reveals she’s all woman.
My daughter loves her and it’s not long before my own feelings are heading the same way.
Are we a mouth-watering combination or a recipe for disaster?
Meet the Authors
Angel Devlin is the alter-ego of paranormal, rom com, and suspense writer, Andie M. Long. Check out Angel for stories of heart and heat.
She lives in Sheffield with her partner, son, and a gorgeous whippet called Bella.
Facebook page:
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Tracy Lorraine is a British contemporary romance author. Tracy lives in a cute Cotswold village with her husband, daughter and lovable but slightly crazy dog. Having always been a bookaholic with her head stuck in her Kindle Tracy decided to try her hand at a story idea she dreamt up and hasn’t looked back since.

Grayton Beach Dreams Blitz

Grayton Beach Dreams
Melissa Chambers
(Love Along Hwy 30A series, #5)
Publication date: October 15th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Having spent his college years and early twenties faithful to his sweetheart who ultimately dumped him for his brother, Jesse Kirby will never again be anyone’s fool. He’s been making up for lost time by sampling every woman he missed out on. But as thirty approaches, the revolving door to his bedroom isn’t doing it for him anymore. When he meets the altruistic Cassidy Anderson, he realizes it’s time to make some meaning out of his life. Sure, she may only be interested in him for his body and his literary tattoos, but he will make her see him for the man he now knows he can be.
Cassidy Anderson has always lived her life to serve others and dated stable men her own age or older with the same goals in mind. As she considers an offer from one of those stable men, twenty-nine-year-old bartender Jesse Kirby sets his sights on her, giving her options she doesn’t need to consider. It’s been so long since Cassidy has experienced a body and a libido like his that she isn’t sure if she can pass him up. But just for a taste, because a relationship like theirs could only be headed for heartbreak.
Cassidy glanced around. “Um, can we talk somewhere for just a quick second?”
“Sure,” he said, picking up his board. He led her through the doorway to the stairwell, maneuvering his board through, and then hefted it expertly up onto a wall mount, the muscles in his tattooed arms rippling as he worked. He turned around and faced her, still dripping from the ocean, his shorts sagging, those muscles below the stomach that form a broken V on broad display.
She glanced around at another door that must have exited to the outside, and then to the staircase in front of her. She pointed upward. “So, is this your apartment?”
“Yeah, did you want to…”
“No, no. I just,” she said, inhaling a deep breath, “I just came here to say that I’m sorry about the other night.”
He frowned.
“I think you probably realize that I sort of freaked out a bit after we…” She trailed off, unable to believe that she somehow had lost part of her own vocabulary.
“Had sex?” Jesse asked.
She closed her eyes, the heat seeping up to her ears. “Yes, thank you.” This was ridiculous. He had moved on from her now, was probably onto the next girl already. For all she knew, he’d already slept with some other girl. He was a bartender with an apartment above his bar. How convenient did it get?
She just had to spit this nonsense out so she could move on and never see him again. She’d send Marigold with the cookie order from now on, and if she couldn’t come, Cassidy would hire a courier, or just admit that cookie recipes can be found on the backs of chocolate chip bags.
She met his gaze, trying to garner her courage. “Jesse, what happened the other night…I don’t do that.”
“Okay,” he said, resting his hands on his hips, his six-pack on full display.
Look up, Cassidy. Look up.
“I realize that it’s no big deal and that people have one-night-stands all the time. But I come from a time where that wasn’t as prevalent as it is now, and I’ve never really enjoyed them like many women do.”
He lowered his chin. “You didn’t enjoy yourself?”
She held up both hands. “No, I very much enjoyed myself. I’m just trying to explain why I had such an…” He inched toward her, causing her to lose track of what she’d been saying. “Ungraceful exit,” she somehow managed to finish saying. Despite her pleas with herself, she looked down at his stomach. “Is that a raven tattoo?”
He touched it with both sets of his fingertips. “Yeah, I’m sort of a book nerd. I love Poe.”
Her exhale of the breath she’d been holding was loud and included a little chuckle, because this was just getting ridiculous. A book nerd? Was he kidding her?
Her gaze slid to the other side which showcased a tattoo of a self-effacing quote about masculinity. She studied it, her brain reaching for its place but coming up short. She met his gaze, making a question with her eyebrows.
“Hemingway,” he said. “The Old Man and the Sea.”
Geez. The fact that he loved books enough to plaster tattoos celebrating them on his body just made her even more fascinated with him. Stop it, Cassidy.
She shook her head, trying to clear her brain for the task ahead. “So anyway, I’m really…” He moved in closer, his hand on the wall beside her head. She swallowed hard, then continued, “sorry that I…slept…with…”
His lips were on hers at the same time her hands cupped his shoulders, squeezing them for dear life. His lips tasted like the ocean, but his warm tongue on hers tasted like him…all man and all need. He pressed his hips into hers for just a moment, and then pulled away. “Sorry, I don’t want to get you wet.”

Author Bio:
Melissa Chambers writes contemporary novels for young, new, and actual adults. A Nashville native, she spends her days working in the music industry and her nights tapping away at her keyboard. While she's slightly obsessed with alt rock, she leaves the guitar playing to her husband and kid. She never misses a chance to play a tennis match, listen to an audiobook, or eat a bowl of ice cream. (Rocky road, please!) She has served as president for the Music City Romance Writers and is the author of the Love Along Hwy 30A series, the Before Forever series (YA), and Courting Carlyn (YA).