Saturday, April 8, 2017

Playing Her Body ~ Book 6 of the Southern Roots Series

Jordan is at his band mate, Blaine's bachelor party while Natalie is in town for a short while for her cousins wedding.  When Natalie see's Jordan at the bar, she can't help but flirt with him.  The two of them hit it off well, and Jordan is thankful that she doesn't act like another fan girl even though she's aware of who he is.  But a one night stand left both of them wanting more, will they see each other again before she goes back to Chicago? 

When shy meets wild, keys will be played.

Attending a bachelor party, Jordan wasn't looking for anything that night, other than keeping his best friend, Blaine, safe from the paparazzi.  Everything had been moving along well until she walked in.

Natalie knew of the band, Deep Ember, but never thought she'd find herself sharing her bed with the keyboard player, Jordan.

Blaine's wedding was coming, Jordan was ready as best man... at least until he saw who was the bride's maid.

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