Monday, April 10, 2017

Council Courtship ~ Book 2 in The Realm's Salvation

Fairykind is diminishing and if they have any chance at surviving, Tristan is the eligible candidate that would be best fit for the open council position.  However, he is competing against an elder who is tuck in the old ways.  This elder, Edwin, is Quinn's grandfather, one of the many fairies who does not believe Tristan is an innocent of his house's ways.  But when Tristan and Quinn go against Edwin's approval, they risk the wrath of Edwin and his old way beliefs.  Can the council see that Tristan is best fit for the position for the good of fairykind?

Tristan Ipsly knows firsthand how Eero’s ideals have ripped houses apart. More than half of his family was prosecuted for supporting the revolution, the remaining fled to the otherworld, leaving him the lone member of his house, and one of two candidates for the recently vacated Council seat. As a healer who is seated on the repopulation project, he has real solutions to the problems that face them all, but fears he’s been branded a traitor, not worthy of the seat nor to court Quinn. Quinn Vettore knows that Fairykind is dying. Eero and his revolution have left them a people divided, but she believes tradition and the Canon’s writing are equally to blame. She wants to see the Council fill the vacancy with someone who will be the voice of change. The prime candidate in her mind is the same choice of her heart: Tristan.

Too bad her Grandfather is the one man who stands in the way of both.

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