Monday, January 23, 2017

Gideon: Heavenly Fall ~ Fall From Grace Book 1

Gideon is a once human turned vampire then saved by a guardian angel.  Being a hybrid vampire angel, the Supreme Being wasn't sure what do to with him so he placed him as a watcher.  After many years of this, Gideon became bored and decides to fall from grace.  The Supreme Being sends Persephone, the angel that saved him before to try and save him again.  After the two fall in love, they have many hoops to go through wether it be fighting the underworld or Gideon's maker herself before they can live peacefully together.  But will they ever get that chance?  Loved this story and really thought it was neat with what the author did with Gideon's character.  You don't see that type of a paranormal being ever, well you do as separates by not as hybrids.  Can't wait to read the next book in this series!

Gideon's Fall From Grace comes after one too many boring days atop the Golden Gate Bridge as a Watcher. Tethered by celestial restraints and feeling abandoned by the very beings who "enhanced" him, he rebels in a very public fashion, forever altering the San Francisco skyline. At first he just wants to escape. But later, he wants revenge from a heartless Supreme Being and his angelic minions for having ruined his immortal life.

Can a freak who dwells somewhere between Heaven and Hell find love and happiness in a typical Wine Country small town?

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