Monday, January 9, 2017

Dark Burn

After Priya's gran dies, she sets off to find others like her. But before she goes, she stops at the bank to get some cash in which she runs into the creepy Nicholas.  Once safe from his she's up in the air and ready to fly to Ovander but runs into another problem when she gets clipped by a Shadow Hunters arrow.  Worried it's Nicholas, she tries to find a way to escape.  Doulzen, the actual Shadow Hunter is trying to figure out where the firebird went when he runs into Priya.  Not realizing their enemies, she convinces him to take her to Ovander to escape her stalker in exchange for helping him collect feathers.  But when Nicholas kidnaps Priya, she learns he has another firebird captured.  Priya is able to rescue herself, the other firebird and Doulzen who has found himself captured as well.  But when the other firebird and Priya go to Ovander, is it really what she hoped it would be?  Great story, and hoping there is a sequel!

The challenge wasn't meant to be easy.  They were set up to fall from the beginning.  

Priya's the last of her kind...  
After death takes the only family Priya has ever known, she ventures out to find others like her, those who catch fire and fly.  But shadow hunters prowl the night ready to kill firebirds like her, and one has found her trail.  After a narrow escape she runs into the kind of man she shouldn't want...a man with silver eyes as if the very moon has been trapped inside his gaze.  
His help won't be enough when Nicholas finds her.

Doulzen is a shade by birth, shadow hunter by rite...  When an extinct white firebird flies through the night sky, fire blazing behind the creature, he knows he has to have it.  Pulling the shadows in, he notches his arrow and downs and downs his prey, but when he arrives to catch it, he finds a female running from someone instead.  He promised himself he wouldn't be her protector, he'd get her where she needed to go, but when Nicholas shows up and takes Priya from him, Doulzen finds the mark that tells him she is his fated mate.  With darkness at his heels, he will stop at nothing to get her back as his very existence relies on it.  

When Priya and Doulzen find out each other's secrets, it will take a lot more than fate to bring them back together.  

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