Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Teague ~ Book 3 from Dark Shadows ~ Blog Tour

With Rowena in hiding, Teague is tasked to go seek out the help of the Valkyries, what he didn't plan was for one of the Queens daughters to be his fated mate.  Bella has given a vow to lead the Valkyries in battle, stay a virgin and accept if she is the sacrifice if their God requires it.  But with both having feelings for one another, will Bella break her vows and will Teague be too distracted to fight?  Will both the Vampires and Valkyries be able to capture Rowena before it's too late?  Definitely another great read as the war between the Vampires and Necromancers continues.  Can't wait to see what happens next!

The necromancers are not the only ones with allies….

Failure is not an option. Teague Olaru, vampire prince and Dark Shadow warrior, has received his orders. Seek out the vampire’s long time ally, the valkyries, and convince them to stand with the vampires in their war against the necromancers. It should have been a straightforward mission, that is, until he met Bella.

Arabella Kaldana, Valkyrie warrior, had led the life of a seasoned maiden warrior staying true to her oaths and protecting the good people of Aphadore. She’s never had doubts about the life she was destined for, until she met Teague. The sexy vampire was never far from her thoughts. He had her wanting more.

Teague and Arabella’s budding relationship is put to the test in the midst of the war. Arabella’s ultimate destiny has been presented to her and she’s torn…. follow her destiny or follow her heart?

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