Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kei: Family Matters ~ Book 1 in the Deamhan Tales

With Kei's sire back from Limbo, Kei is on the run. He goes to see an old offspring, Nashoba in the hopes that he will help him. But what Kei doesn't realize is that Nashoba, who now goes by Nash, has created a perfect town and living among the humans. Will Nash help his sire before Kei's sister and his own sire Lucius find him? And when they do find them, something is different about Lucius, will this help or hurt Kei? Another great book! Can't wait to read more!

 For decades, I singularly helped strengthen the Deamhan in Minneapolis, and made sure that all the vampires feared us. Ramanga, Lamia, Metusba, Lugat - I looked out for everyone. No one before me had the guts to stand up to the humans and vampires like I did. If it weren't for me, Deamhan would've left that city in fear a long time ago.

Everything was fine until my sibling, Selene, arrived. She released my sire, Lucius, from Limbo, and all hell broke loose. They massacred my supporters and dethroned me. Now, with his minions rallying behind Lucius like he's their messiah, Selene and he chase me to the ends of the earth. They erroneously believe that by capturing me, they will exact justice from me for my crimes.

Little do they know that nothing can keep me away from Minneapolis, the city I built from the ground up. I'm going nowhere. The city belongs to me, Kei; and only I can redeem it.

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