Thursday, October 22, 2015

Paramour ~ Book 5 of the Southern Roots Series

This book was amazing, this is the final book of the Southern Roots series and it was Derek's story. Derek is worried to come out as a gay singer because he fears it will hurt his band and the band Deep Ember. When Penelope introduces Derek to Scott, will Derek take a chance on love? The two guys hit it off pretty fast but since Derek is still in the closet, so is the relationship. After Derek invites Scott to come to one of the concerts, Scott realizes Derek doesn't want people to know that he is gay besides his close friends. But what will happen when someone sneaks in the green room and leaks that the lead singer of Mongrels of Soul might be gay, will Derek lose everything he has worked hard to have including his relationship with Scott? Find out when you read this amazing story, Paramour. 

Can he accept love if he can’t accept himself?  Lead man of Mongrels of Soul, Derek, has a secret. His friends have accepted his secret, but will the world? One thing for certain, once the world knows, this could make or break him… or would it?  Meeting a man of a lifetime, Derek wants to pursue what he feels. Scott, a male revue dancer, wants Derek to go public. When he hesitates, will Scott wait for him?  More than chords will be played and it is up to Derek to make the final move.


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