Monday, August 10, 2015

Pan ~ Book 1 in The Untold Stories of Neverland

Peter is a guardian who misses being a boy. When Tink gives him the opportunity to become a boy again, Peter is excited. Tink takes Peter to Neverland but Peter still isn't happy because he wants other kids to play with. Tink takes him back to our world where she sees the person they're supposed to bring. This man will be the savior of Neverland. Of course Peter doesn't want adults in Neverland and sets off to find some which our known as the lost boys. Will Peter ever be happy? And who is this savior that Tink wants to bring back. Find out in the amazing short story of Pan!

Neverland has always been their sanctuary—until now.

Magic is dying in Neverland. Only one pixie is brave enough to search the human world for someone to believe. Tink finds a desolate boy flying in the night, peering in windows, searching for the life he once knew. But can she convince him to abandon his quest and save Neverland?

Discover the untold story of the boy destined to become Peter Pan.

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