Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wynter's War ~ Book 3 in The Keeper Saga

This is the final book to The Keepers Saga. When Wynter leaves her sister Frollock comes to find her. Frollock also revives a very powerful Witch we know as Crow Woman. Crow Woman reeks havoc on the town with the help of Frollock. In Wynter's absence, Nikki was left with her smelly book of skin. Nikki and the wolves go to the Bog Elf that created the book to see if he can take away the smell, he does this and after that, Nikki discovers the other powers this book has. With others knowing this, it put her in danger. One good thing she changed was taking away the magic from The Wolf so that Swift Foot was human again. With his help, will they be able to defeat Crow Woman? This book is definitely a page turner and there are some sad moments. Wynter isn't in it as much as I would have liked but she does come back in the end.

Magic and adventure abound in this final installment of the Keeper Saga.

Nikki's nightmares are back and they are worse than ever. In a thick blanket of fog, a beautiful woman walks thru the Deadlands, bringing a dark, strong evil unlike anything the forest has ever seen, threatening to destroy all that the Keepers are bound to protect.

As the guardian of Wynter's book, Nikki discovers a new magic held within its pages and a power that will affect good and evil magic alike. Hoping the secret to defeating Crow Woman lies in the book's knowledge, the Keepers join forces with an unlikely ally.

Will Nikki and the Keepers be strong enough to win the battle over evil--or will they be lost to it forever?

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