Thursday, July 16, 2015

Driven Hunger ~ Book 4 of the Southern Roots Series

Loved this book.  This is my favorite book from the Southern Roots Series.  I feel in love with Makayla in Southern Roots and Matt in City Lights.  Of course I love all the books and the characters all have grown on me but this was my favorite.  I was first shocked with Conner, never did I peg him to be an abusive person.  I like him and Makayla together in Southern Roots they seemed great together.  But after what he did, it was things that are unforgiveable and when her and Matt became benifriends, well I just knew that they were perfect for each other.  Matt is the kind of guy  who doesn't do relationships and Makayla is just looking to have some fun.  So their arrangement is perfect!  But Chuck is right when he says how someone always gets hurt in the end, or something along those lines.  Will one fall for the other?  Will Conner make an appearance back in Makayla's life and if he does would she take him back?  When Makayla goes through a near death experience, she will know which man is truly there for her.  I loved seeing the relationship form between Makayla and Matt even if it's just as benifriends.  Can't wait to read the fifth story from the Southern Roots series, Julie is truly an amazing author!

Becoming more than friends was never meant to be like this…  Makayla Shaw has left her past love behind her. Ready to move forward, she decided to take in a show featuring Blaine’s band, Deep Ember. Having open wounds from the past, she knew it was time to close at least one of them.  Matt, Deep Ember’s drummer, enjoyed his music and his women. When Makayla came back into the spotlight, he knew he wanted her, but how much, he was not sure.  When Matt discovers the torment Makayla has been through, will he be able to keep his own feelings from surfacing? Will Makayla guard her heart from being hurt again?  When two people have an intimate friendship with no feelings, can hearts still be broken? 

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