Thursday, June 4, 2015

Strange Love ~ Book 1 in the Wolf Moon Series

WOW!  JoLynne has done it again.  She is truly an amazing author.  Strange Love is the first book in the Wolf Moon series and I was blown away.   I like how Kasia tells her story about how her and Lucas meet and the struggles they face.  I also enjoyed her sister Alek, she's a spitfire of fun.  Lucas has a secret, but how will Kasia react when she learns of him being a wolf man?  What about when Kasia learns a family secret about her self, how will she react.  You might think that Lucas and Kasia have a strange love but it's a true and pure love.  Loved Thor story and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Kasia Kovalenko is a sociology student best known around campus for her sharp with and passion for causes.  Lucas Alvarez, son of a famed oceanographer, is known as the tall, dark, and elusive man about campus.  The two meet in a student activist group, and their journey begins...
As the pair team up to work on environmental and animal rights projects, they become incredibly attracted to one another.  Soon, Kasia finds herself drawn into a frenzied relationship where soul-mate love and wild, addictive sex keeps her tethered to Lucas, and he to her.  Kasia is thrilled she may have finally met her match... But Lucas has a secret no one knows, a life quite separate from the respected one he leads outwardly.  When Kasia discovers Lucas' secret, her life and everything she believed about the supernatural world, are changed forever. 
There is no turning back now... Lucas has bonded with Kasia, and will not live without her.  For her part, Kasia has discovered a passion the likes of which she has never experienced.  But there are supernatural politics involved, and not everyone wants to see Lucas and Kasia happy together.  Tensions rise, confrontation occur.  Just when things seem at their most dire, a deeply hidden secret involving Kasia's own bloodline, change the rules of the game entirely. 
To be together, both Kasia and Lucas must risk their lives in exchange for the irresistible, intoxicating, strange love they share. 
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