Tuesday, April 28, 2015

House On The Hill

This book has one main story and three short stories. The first story House On The Hill was a story about Madison dealing with the loss of her boss who she looked to as a father. When he gave her his old house, weird stuff start to happen. Will Madison be able to uncover what is going on? I loved getting to know Madison and seeing her friendship with Jeremy grow into more as he helped her with the mystery of this house. The other three amazing stories in this book are short but great! They include: The Ghostly Tale of Anna The Escort; The Medium, The Ghost and The Shaman; Tea Leaves On The Wind. JoLynne Valerie is a wonderful author and this book was just another great book she wrote.

Madison has been on a roll, lately. She was just named top attorney at her firm; things never looked better for her career. Best yet, Madison rarely thinks about her rocky past anymore. Life is good.

But when her firm's CEO suddenly dies, Madison receives a surprise. Lars Eichmann has left his star attorney a very special gift. Madison is about to inherit, of all things.. a house.

But she hasn't inherited just any house... Madison's new home, high atop a hill, is a beautiful, ornate, Victorian manse. The home is beautiful, but sometimes... strange.

Immediately, odd things begin to happen. Things moving by themselves. Voices in the night. Soon, level headed Madison questions her own sanity.

There's a ghost in that house on the hill, a ghost with an urgent need to talk. Can Madison suspect her doubt and fear? Will she survive the shock of what is to come? The woods surrounding the property hold a secret... A terrible secret that must come to light.

Just when Madison feels close to her breaking point, one more terrible secret is revealed... One that will change her life forever.

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