Friday, April 24, 2015

Culmination ~ Book 4 in Chronicles of the Fallen

The fourth and final book of Chronicles of the Fallen and WOW, just WOW.  This story has the ultimate battle, who will win and who will lose, who will live and who will die?  Enemies fight together and friends betray those they were supposed to be loyal to, this war has to take place because Jonathan was born.  This story has love, betrayal, shock and sacrifice.  Will Jonathan find himself and come into his true powers or will he succumb to the evil that's brewing inside him.  I have to say Jonathan is definitely my favorite character from this series.  Julie is an amazing author and this is truly an amazing series. 

Ultimate power comes with ultimate betrayal. Trust No One.  War is coming and sides must be chosen. Jonathan has grown into his powers and he’s stronger than he could ever begin to understand.  Having abilities from both worlds makes him one of the most powerful beings on earth.  Even Elysium has no control over him.  Hell has risen and with it, the coming apocalypse. Their sights are set on Jonathan, the Nephilim’s and the traitors against Hell. Michael warned the light will not be involved… until war or death are inevitable.  Taking matters into his own hands, Jonathan builds an army and in the process, meets an unlikely ally. She’s sexy as hell and  knowledgeable about all things demon. He also knows her from somewhere but can’t figure out who she is.  Secrets are unfolding and his world begins closing in around him. Will Jonathan be strong enough to face the truth or will he lose himself and submit to the darkness?

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