Wednesday, April 22, 2015

City Lights ~ Book 2 of the Southern Roots Series

WOW!!! So many of you like myself probably hated Blaine while reading the first book in this series, Southern Roots.  Well City Lights is Blaine's story, he's clean, in love and well let's just say this is about his redemption for what he did in the past.  Blain is about two years sober when he meets Penelope Shade, or as her stage name, Penny Wise, for the band Mongrels of Soul.  Blaine is immediately taken by her but the catch is, she has a boyfriend back home.  After Mongrels perform that first night Blaine meets them, he knows he want's to produce them.  Being that they aren't from Colorado, Blaine offers up his home for the band to stay in while getting their first album recorded.  Blaine still in his own band, Deep Ember, and still struggles with being around sex, drugs and alcohol.  He is an addict so it can be hard for him if it's all in front of him for the taking.  This story takes you on Blaine's journey and how he sees things so much clearer now that he is clean and sober.  After you read this, you will not only feel for Blaine but also come to enjoy him as a person as well.  He has been through so much. 
Music brought them together. A gamble with love could break them apart.  Blaine has reached rock and roll stardom. After surviving an overdose, Blaine was forced into a decision; change and be a better person, or continue down the dangerous path and lose everything he has worked for. Making the decision to change, he turns his focus and attention to writing and producing music in an effort to keep the bright lights of live performances and potential drugs at an arms distance.
Bassist to the band Blaine is producing, Penelope knows all too well who he is. He’s the sexy as hell, but also drug addicted singer of the mega band, Deep Ember. As excited as she is to get her band signed, she’s none too thrilled to find out her producer is Blaine. Leaving her boyfriend back home to follow her dreams, Penelope will find herself in uncomfortable situations with Blaine. He’s expressed a genuine interest in her and she feels drawn toward him in return. Unfortunately, knowing who he is and what he’s done puts up an invisible wall between them.  Emotions will be on the line and chords will be played… but can Blaine win over the heart of a woman who’s made it clear she wants nothing to do with him? Will Penelope be able to trust her emotions and will Blaine be able to prove he is not what his reputation says he is?

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