Monday, July 3, 2017

Fredo's Secret ~ Book 1 from Fredo

After Fredo learns he's sterile, he goes to get some groceries for his wife, Mia's mom.  The downside, it's in a bad part of town and Fredo ends up shot and in the hospital.  Once recovered, he goes to find the blue eyed kid who basically saved his life, but will Fredo be putting the kids life at risk by talking to him?  Will Fredo be able to tell his wife that he won't be able to give her his children?  Anxious to see what happens next in Fredo and Mia's story.

Navy SEAL Alphonso "Fredo" Manuel Esquidido Chavez learns something he does not want to tell his wife, the beautiful Mia Guzman, Armando's sister.  He worries she will no longer love him when she finds out the news.  Bit just as one door closes, another opens for Fredo and Mia.  And along the way he manages to help redeem a struggling youth, who reflects some of the darkness of his own past.

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