Sunday, May 14, 2017

On a White Horse ~ Revelations Book 2

When the stress becomes too much for Bianca, she decides to check out the club in which she meets Victor. The two of them become fond of one another quite fast. But Gwyn has other plans for her. As King of Fairy, Gwyn is determined to make Bianca his Queen but now knows he needs a way to convince her to join. Hel has Bianca's seal and plan to open it, but will the horsemen, Gwyn and Victor be able to stop it? After all, even though Victor is human, he's now part of this as much as the rest of them are. Another great story in the series. Can't wait to read the next book!

Victor Brandt has a secret. As a new resident to New York, he goes out in search of diversion, and he finds it behind a red door. The Underworld embraces him, and soon he realizes he's going back night after night just to see Mistress Lethe: a Dominatrix so demanding she will satisfy her submissive into forgetting their own name before stealing her pleasure. But soon Mistress Lethe draws Victor into her world, and he realizes it's a lot larger than he thought.

Bianca's coffee business is booming, but her love life is lacking. With each step her friends—the other three horsemen of the apocalypse—take toward happiness, she holds herself back. As visions of the future threaten everything the horsemen have built, Bianca finds a man who sees all of her: the light and the dark, and for a little while she becomes Mistress Lethe, a simple woman and the embodiment of Conquest. But fate plays cruel jokes, and after only a short time with Victor she is confronted with a decision that can save the world but cost her the first man that’s ever made her want to be human.

When a mysterious stranger arrives bearing ill omens, Bianca wonders if she can keep together her motley crew in order to save the world. Or will the threesome’s tangled emotions usher in the apocalypse? Come and see.

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