Monday, February 20, 2017

Symphony of Night

The portal to the supernatural world has been closed trapping them on Earth, and the humans no they're not here alone.  The humans want the supes gone but with the portal closed, a war is coming.  Jac, the last Valkyrie is the only one that can stop them.  But the one question remains, how can the humans know they're not alone when they can't see the supernatural in their true form?  Someone has gone against their own. Really enjoyed this story, if you have read any of the Chronicles of the Fallen then you will see repeat characters like Samuel and Michael.  Hope to have more of this mini little spin off series.

The veil has lowered and the human race now realizes they are not alone.  We live among the supernatural, but there's a catch:  you only see them if you have the supernatural gene.

My name is Jac and I'm the last Valkyrie.  My best friend and guardian, Rowan, is a gargoyle.  The portal to our world closed, trapping the supernatural on earth.  Word is out about a stone with powers to open it.  It's not just any stone, it is THE stone.  Tasked by Archangel Michel to find it, I know I'm going to need help.

Humans already wants us out of their realm.  If the stone falls into the wrong hands, all hell will break loose.  Samuel, the first of the Fallen, wants the stone and plans on using it to his advantage.  When chaos erupts, the humans will find justification for their fears, and the supernatural will be forced to fight back.

My allies are few, and my enemies are great.  Will I be able to stop Samuel and save the world, or will we be lost along with the humans?

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