Monday, October 10, 2016

Adrian ~ Book 4 from Dark Shadows

Adrian has been given orders by his brother Nicu to find a specific rogue so they can learn the hiding place of the rogue army and the necromancers.  But when Adrian meets waitress Angel, he gets distracted and fails at the job at hand.  Realizing this is his mate, he saves her from the rogue when he tries to capture the following night.  But as they learn from the now captured rogue, the necromancers have a secret up their sleeve and Angel is right in the middle of it.  Can Adrian and the Shadows protect his mate or will it be too late?  Loving this series!  Can't wait to find out what happens next in this war between the Vampires and the Necromancers/Rogues.

Adrian Olaru, vampire prince and Dark Shadow warrior, had everything; wealth, willing donors, a close-knit family and a job he loved. He had received his orders from his commander. Capture a rogue vampire in order for the Dark Shadows to infiltrate the necromancer regime. But a set of curvy hips and big brown eyes filled his thoughts, creating a distraction. Left alone in the cruel dark world, Angelina Sanz was more determine to live life to the fullest. She would make the best of her situation. Fate had taken everything from her, but now, it seemed as if fate was ready to repay her— in the form of a sexy vampire prince.

The necromancers have plans to destroy the Dark Shadows and those plans include Angelina. Will Adrian be able to save the one person who was meant to spend an eternity with him?

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