Thursday, August 25, 2016

Emely’s Destiny ~ An Erotic Vampire Novella, Volume 2

When the vampires and humans decide to make a treaty, the vampire King, Ryan, won't sign it until he knows for sure all the experimental facilities have been searched to make sure no vampire is left there.  The human present him with the addresses on the spot.  When King Ryan and his men, Norrix included, go to the first one, Emely, who has been there for two years and four others have been rescued.  But when Emely get's kidnapped again by scarface, will she make it out alive this time or will her mate, Norrix be her savior again?  Loving this series.  I really hope there is more because I want to know what's really going on with the humans, are they lying through their teeth to the vampires?

Norrix Buchner’s loyalty knew no boundaries. As a king’s guard and one of the deadliest vampires, he was sworn to remain true to his king. In the absence of his king, he led the king’s guard in protecting and providing a safe refuge for displaced vampires. Now that the vampire king had returned, negotiations between vampires and humans have commenced. Norrix was assigned the task to ensure that the humans maintained their part of the treaty. Destiny led him to discover an imprisoned female vampire with large gray eyes and it just about broke him.

Two years had passed since her capture. Life as a lab rat, subjected to inhumane experiments was not how Emely Winter imagined she would spend the rest of her days. She prayed for the day that she would be free, but was beginning to lose all hope. Never in a million years, would she have believed that her rescuer would be the infamous Norrix Buchner, king’s guard and champion for vampires everywhere.

Their meeting was unconventional but love was instant. Emely and Norrix’s passion burned bright in their darkened world. Destiny may have led them to each other but will Norrix and Emely be able to secure their future, together?

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