Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Princess ~ Book 1 from Dark Shadows

Nadira, the vampire Princess meets detective Cooper while she's at a diner with some of her friends. Cooper happens to be her mate, but what will her family think when they find out that her Fated Mate is a human? How will Cooper react when he learns the girl of his dreams is a vampire? With the necromancers out to get Nadira so she can mate with the necromancer prince Xalax, will Cooper be caught in the cross fire? Will Xalax be successful in getting his betrothed? A war is coming, what side will you be on? I really liked the concept of the vampires being born as vampires. It's a concept that you don't really see often. With that said, I absolutely loved this story and can't wait to read the next book in the series!

For centuries, a vicious war has raged on between the Necromancers and Vampires. Two powerful races who refused to surrender in defeat. A half a century ago, the Necromancers disappeared from the face of the Earth…. until now. Nadira Olaru, the youngest offspring of the Vampire King has become the target of the re-emerging Necromancers. The King of the Necromancers has offered a peace treaty, an offer he refuses to take no for an answer. His one demand— Nadira to mate with his son. The Dark Shadows, Vampire warriors run by her eldest brother, have been charged with protecting the Vampirian Princess at all cost. Zac Cooper, human police detective, never believed in the supernatural world, that is, until he witnessed a dead body walk right out of the morgue. Fate brings Zac and Nadira together. Twice. Nadira knows that Zac is her Fated Mate, but now he is caught in the middle of the war between the Vampires and Necromancers. Nadira is torn, should she be selfish and mate with the love of her life for all eternity? Or should she sacrifice their love forever, and let him go, in order to save him?

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