Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Steele Your Soul ~ Book 3 from the Trouble with Elves

I am loving this series! When Pepper is out running an errand for her Grandmother, she runs into a pirate on her way back. The two of them are drawn to one another and he invites her on his ship when he saves her from falling crates. This pirate, Captain Joren Steele, deals with Drow, and when one of the Drow he works with wants Pepper for himself, will Joren be able to protect her? At first he does but Joren doesn't want to be settled down with just one woman, he's got a different one at each port. But after the Drow takes Pepper's soul and Joren is on his way to deliver her soul unknowingly along with all the other souls per his job, will he choose to save her life after discovering hers was wrongly taken when the storm hits and her body is revealed, or will he choose his ship and career? One will sink and one will make, he can only choose one?
When Pepper set out for the day, the last thing she expected was to come face to face with a pirate. But when she locks eyes with the Captain, she's ready to let him pillage or plunder whatever he wants. At least until his drow shipmate decided to steal her for himself.

Captain Joren Steele has a love for his ship, money, and females, usually in that order. When Pepper steps into his life, he's certain his love 'em and leave 'em status will remain intact. But when he discovers she's a victim of the drow, he has to make a choice. His ship or the elfess.

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