Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Give Me A Reason

Loved this book, Cami's storyline you really feel for her. She had it all but then messed it up with the drinking and the drugs. This caused her to lose the love of her life and to miscarry their child. So when she finally cleans up her act and starts over she's doing really well. She meets Kristle who I loved. It's hard to pick a favorite character but she might be up there. Her friend from school Hazen, I was kind of hoping the two of them would get together but the demon in him was too strong. So when Kristle meets Jensen who was in a relationship at the time, I decided I wanted them two to be together. The friendship that Cami and Kristle develop is fast but very genuine. I feel in love with this book, it was my first one I read from JoLynne but I knew that I needed to read more. What a great author she is!

Aging rock star Cami Carmichael can accept the fact that she's remembered as little more than a one-hit wonder, but she will not accept the fact that her former drug addiction defines her, or that her life is over. Back in her small hometown, nestled in the mountains of Upstate New York, Cami is rebuilding her life and making peace with the past.

Kristle Dunne, the only child of a single parent, is known as Krazy Kristle, for her intense psychic ability. The two women meet, and a fast friendship is formed. A friendship that has everything to do with accepting and loving oneself, and others.

But when Hazen McCall, Kristle's childhood friend, becomes demonically oppressed and violent, Cami and Kristle find themselves pulled into an unthinkable scenario, where ultimately, the powers of good and evil, face off.

Paranormal Investigator Jensen White steps in to assist the situation. What happens next is something no one could have seen coming... except Kristle, who saw it all before it ever happened, in a dream.

Will Jensen's team be able to free Hazen of the demon? Will the trauma of what they see and sustain, scar Cami and Kristle, forever? Could there be a purpose, a higher reason, in all this madness? At one point in both of their lives, Cami and Kristle wished for a reason to live... They're about to get one.

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