Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Jake 2 ~ Book 3.5 from Band of Bachelors

So first I must say that I really was feeling bad for Gerud, but felt a little better during this story.  Anyways, so now that Jake's dad has passed, he learns his brother isn't his full blooded brother but rather a half brother.  He also learns he has a half sister.  With all the chaos of his family and unknown family twists, he and his first wife Ginger really try and make it work a second time.  But with Jake having to go back to Baja on another mission, he worries his fate may not be so lucky since the Mexican General wants him tried.  Will Jake survive his SEAL mission and the family drama that has fallen on his shoulders?  

Navy SEAL Jake Green comes home from deployment to a family in turmoil.  With the recent death of his father, his ex-wives, mother and brother are thrown into a snakebite left by his father's poor choices.  Jake and Ginger attempt to strengthen their marriage and young family amidst a dangerous deployment to Baja California.  Jake's got alimony and child support, a blown up will he's the executor of, illegitimate siblings and a Mexican General gunning for him.  It's one thing to come home in one piece from a SEAL mission.  But which mission is more dangerous? 

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