Monday, July 24, 2017

Alex ~ Book 2 from Band of Bachelors

Alex agreed to go on a blind date with volleyball player Sydney.  He figured it would be a hook up and then he'd be on his way but the chemistry they have between one another is undeniably there.  Sydney finds her perfect partner for volleyball and they agree to just see how things play out.  But when Alex comes back from deployment and is offered a once in a life time position, he considers taking it.  After all, he and Sydney now both have what they want, or do they?  Sydney's life becomes in danger but will Alex be able to save her before it's too late? 

Adrenaline junkie and Navy SEAL Alex Kowicki is one of four bachelor SEALs trying to navigate his successful military career while achieving his goals as a first class connoisseur of beautiful women.  He isn't ready to jump back into anything but his free falls, HALO drops or his missions overseas.  He trusts his buddies to fix him up with another blind date that won't be as dangerous as his last ones.

But Sydney Robinson has other plans.  A beach volleyball player who can spike better than most men, she knows how to execute a series of events that include stalking the handsome SEAL all the way to Sonoma County, capturing him in a winery and delivering his carcass to her bed for keeps.  Along the way, the two of them fight a home-grown terrorist cell in a duel that might cost one of them their lives.

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