Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Raising the Royal Barre

With Prince Layton's brother Prince Quinton coming to town, Georgianne is worried her and Prince Layton will be requested to move back to Ronaria.  Isabel has always loved watching Prince Quinton in dance so she was just as nervous for his arrival as Georgianne, even though it was for different reasons.  With Prince Layton and Georgianne back in Ronaria on an emergency visit, Prince Quinton stays back to keep Isabel company.  The two start to develop feelings for one another but with different views on family will they be able to make it work?

Since Ronaria's Prince Layton moved to Monterra a year and a half ago to be near his fiancĂ©, Isabel has gotten used to seeing him around the coffee shop she works in.  Still, she never imagined she's meet his brother Quinton, renown ballet dancer and fifth in line to Ronaria's throne.

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