Monday, June 19, 2017

King Takes Queen ~ Avalon Book 1

Maggie, now out of the Army has the scars to prove it.  She has always been fascinated with the legend of King Arthur, so when a very naked man comes in claiming to be that very same Arthur, she just laughs.  How could someone from that time be here in present day in her bookstore?   Ever since Arthur and his team has been trapped on Avalon, he gets pulled to different time periods to fight.  He never expected a beautiful woman would be here unknown to what his purpose was.  When Merlyn comes in looking for the book in which Maggie summoned Arthur unknowingly, explains that Arthur is exactly who he says.  While Merlyn tries to break this curse, Maggie and Arthur get to know each other, but will Arthur get sent back before he and Maggie can form any type of relationship?  Can't wait to see what happens next!

Legend states when the King Arthur is needed most he will return. What if the legends are wrong?

Maggie Sanders gave six years and two feet of her now scarred and twisted body to the United States Army. She received a thank you note and a discharge in return. Effectively booted to the curb Maggie tries to pick up the piece of her life until her revival is interrupted by one smoking hot immortal.

Arthur Pendragon, legendary King and military leader, has been trapped on the mythical island of Avalon for 1500 years. When he is thrust from captivity to the modern world he has to fight to stay there. Too bad for him, she has more fight than he anticipates. With the help of Maggie and a teenage Merlin, Arthur set outs to end his torture and free the rest of his comrades from imprisonment.

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