Monday, January 30, 2017

Royal Holiday

Georgie is struggling to keep her bistro afloat.  She hopes that she can get a big rush each day so she can keep her two employees employed.  Mrs. Alscher, her most loyal employee would do anything to help, even if it's leaving an extra something in a tip.  But when one day, Mrs. Alscher cousin, Prince Layton, comes into the bistro by coincidence with his kids, Georgie's life will change in more ways then one.  Not only does she and the Prince start to develop feelings but both he and his cousin share her treats to the summit causing the Queen to have an interest in Georgie.  A very good interest.  But with Prince Layton being from out of town, when the summit the Queen is holding is over, what will happen with Georgie and her Prince?  Loved this story!

Ronaria's Prince Layton's work with orphaned children has brought him to the Summit in Monterra, but it was by chance he walked into the quaint bistro in search of a treat for the kids in his care. 

The bistro's owner Georgianne Bosco doesn't first recognize him, and her blunt honesty and warmth to his children has him longing for a way to turn this business trip into a royal holiday.

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