Friday, January 27, 2017

Dani's Return

Dani's parents and the Alpha of the pack had set in motion a plan that the Alpha's son and Dani would be betrothed.  She hated that her parents did that because the Alpha and his son were ruthless.  When she was of age she ran but could always tell that someone was watching her.  She knew it was Junior, who was now the Alpha after challenging his father.  But a year ago she no longer felt someone watching her.  When her best friend Hope, a human,
called her with knees that Hope's mom was sick with breast cancer, Dani decided to come back home even though she vowed to never return.  Ace, the knew Alpha after challenging Junior a year ago knew that Dani was his fated mate.  Will he be able to tell her how he feels when he learns she's back in town?  Or will the threat of the pack cause him to never mate with Dani?

Ace Levatino was the new alpha wolf in town. He returned to his hometown to challenge for his rightful place as alpha and to finally claim his mate. There has only ever been one woman for him and her disappearance 10 years ago still haunts his every thought. His wolf demands that he find her.

Daniella Harper was tired of running. Ten years ago she left everything that she held dear to get away from her betrothed. She refused to mate with one of the most vicious alphas in the Midwest. With a heavy heart, she ran far away and started a new life but devastating news would send her running back home.

Coming home has Daniella realizing how much she had missed her family and with the new alpha’s attention she’s no longer sure she wants to leave again.

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