Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Under a Dark Moon ~ Book 7 in The Keeper Saga

After Tori's mother see's a wolf in the woods behind Nikki's house, she decides it's time they get their own place. But the house they move into is haunted. The Ratherby House has been in the Ratherby family for generations. With Ms. Ratherby fallen ill, the house went up for sale. Can a little invisible wet girl and Tori work together to get Ms. Ratherby back where she belongs? Great short story. Really loving this series!

When Tori moved to Bland, Virginia, she thought she knew all of the strange, magical secrets the small town held. So when her mom decides that it is time they had a place of their own and buys the big two-story house known as Ratherby House, she thinks she has everything under control.

But then again, haunted houses have a different kind of magic all their own and not everything is quite as it seems.

*** This is a short story, told from Tori's point of view. Nikki, Adam, and the Keepers return in Blood Moon Rising, coming Valentine's Day, 2017 ***

Recommended reading order for the Keeper Saga:
1. Hidden Moon
2. Once Upon a Haunted Moon
3. The Wolf
4. Wynter's War
5. Charmed
6. The One
7. Under a Dark Moon
8. Blood Moon Rising (coming February 2017. Available for pre-order now!)

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