Saturday, December 17, 2016

Charmed and Dangerous ~ Book 1 in the Appalachian Magic Series

When Callie and her best friend Skye mess with the Ouija board one night when they were 12, Callie's life gets changed forever. She gets sent away to live with her aunt in New Jersey to keep her safe from the danger that's to come. Callie is supposed to become a super witch when she turns 20 on the Summer Solstice. When she comes back home 7 years after being sent away, she runs into James, an immortal. They fall for each other but immortals are taught to stay away from witches for the fear of being bound during the witches life. Will the two be able to stay away from each other? What about when Callie learns a secret that her mom and grandma have been keeping, will they all make it out alive in the end? Surprising alliances must for come together if they want to survive the upcoming battle of dark magic. Loved this book! Can't wait for the third book in this series!
Apples and oranges, dogs and cats, everybody knows witches and immortals don’t mix.A young witch, Callie, returns home from exile after a traumatic Ouija board incident seven years earlier. She falls for classmate James MacLauren and struggles to keep her magical abilities a secret from him. Then there’s the even trickier problem that her rogue warlock father and his coven will kill anyone who prevents Callie from joining them in dark magic. Someone like James . . .

But James has a secret of his own. He’s part of a hidden race of immortals living in the Appalachian hollows and the last thing he needs in his life is a witch who could imprison him with a binding spell.

But it will take all of his superhuman physical strength, and all of Callie’s extraordinary magical skills, to survive when two covens and an army of immortals engage in battle. Should they fail, they face either death or utter domination by the power of dark magic.

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