Friday, July 24, 2015

Sweet Destiny ~ Book 1 in the Andi Cross Series

OMG!!! Just WOW!!!  This story offers all sorts of emotions; hopes, chills, excitment, you name it and it will definitely knock your socks off.  JoLynne is truly an amazing author.  When Andi takes the day off at work and has lunch with her sister, there begins the next chapter of her life.  She meets a guy at the bar who later sets her up for an interview with his brother in Philly.  After going to Philly to interview and getting the job, Andi's hopes of getting a fresh start, begin to happen very quickly.  Her first day she meets Cole James and the two of them end up hitting it off very well.  When people say when you meet the right person, you will just know, that's how it is for Andi and Cole.  Reading Andi's story makes me hope that there is a Cole James out there for me too.  His brother Jared is a gem as well.   Cole seems to come from just an all around good family.  I enjoyed that on their first date, the lady at the Conservatory was reading Phoenix Rising from none other than JoLynne Valerie, so please once you finish reading this story that is another story hers that you should check out.  I love their second date when they go to the dog park and one of Cole's friends there runs into them, Rob.  Rob has two little Yorkies and I love how one of them stood on their hind legs waiving their paws in the air because my little Yorkie does the same thing.  This is a story in which you will fall in love with Andi Cross and Cole James.  I can't wait to read book two and find out what happens next in Andi's life.  This is definitely one of my favorite books.
Andi Cross has been contemplating her life.  Andi survived the death of her parents when she was a child.  Now she's all grown up, single, and getting along just fine.  Andi has a good job, good friends, a nice place to live.  Andi is content with her life, but being content is no longer enough.  Suddenly, Andi wants more -- a fresh start, a change, a new beginning. 
When the winds of change begin to blow over Andi's life, a series of chance encounters and serendipitous moments put her in the right place at the right time.  Suddenly, Andi receives the opportunity of a lifetime. 
Almost overnight, Andi finds herself in a new city, with a new job, a new life.
She's happy, ridiculously happy.  Things just keep falling into place... beautifully so.  Then, just when Andi thinks life can't get any better, she meets someone.
Enter Cole James.  Handsome, heart of gold, incredibly successful.  The moment Cole lays eyes on Andi, he's smitten. 
A story about finding yourself, creating your best life, and finding love.
A story about the power of our desires.
A story to make you believe in new beginnings and happy endings. 
A story to make you believe in sweet destiny. 
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