Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Once Upon A Haunted Moon ~ Book 2 in The Keeper Saga

During the second chapter, it was done through Brian's POV so I kept messing up because the previous book was done through Nikki's POV. I would say that that would be the only negative. But that was probably just a personal thing because overall, this was a great book. I have grown to really like this Author. This book also goes back in time to Ella's POV, she is known as 'White Wolf' her story and the present story eventually all tie together. In the first story when the Keepers went into the Deadlands to try and find the Trail Killer, ED get's bit by a tree, this story comes back into play in this book and you really learn who your true friends are and how you need to stick together to beat the Fire Witch. When Adam is taken, they have to rely on the Fire Witch's sister and hope she truly is on their side. I would say this is a must get series and I can't wait to read book three. Oh and this story has a slight cliff hanger. I want to know what the principle meant in the ending of this book!

Magic, ghosts and legend link the past to the present in this second installment of the Keeper Saga. The year is 1765 when eight-year old Eleanor Brown begins the fatal journey that leaves her orphaned. Befriended by a wolf, and adopted by an Indian tribe, Ella soon learns to believe in the magic around her. Though she grows up to find a love that will endure all time, she must also find the courage to live without that love when the Fire Witch returns. When history falls into legends nearly forgotten, the Keepers must search for the truth and find the answers before the same evil that nearly destroyed their people comes back for her revenge. Will the power of The Wolf be enough to save them... Or will the fate of their ancestors be their own destiny?

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