Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekly Tarot Reading (Week of 1/4/15)

I decided that I am going to start doing a general weekly tarot reading.  It will be a one card draw.  I will post it on my Instagram account on Sunday's and then repost here for those that don't have an account.  If you do though, you should follow me!
Three of Wands
This week we have the Three Of Wands that was drawn. It more fell during the shuffling so I knew that this is the one that was needed to be used. Cards don't just fall from a deck unless they want to be chosen. With that, it was important for me to share what the message of this card wanted to share with me so I can tell you. This is the card of Opportunity this card shows three cupids, they each represent one thing. Heart, Mind and Action these three join together sensing a dynamic energy to manifest a wish you may have. With the red flowers and flames, a creative invention is available. They have a cautious attitude so this joyful awareness and creativity is to be used wisely. 
Blessing to you all! 
~Karlee Kay~

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