Thursday, May 18, 2017

On a Black Horse ~ Revelations Book 3

While Katherine is decides to have some alone time in Wales, Baldir kidnaps her after having a vision regarding his friend Arwan. But when Katherine learns Arwan is a hellhound and he learns she's a horseman, can the two keep from not killing each other? Katherine is there to save Arwan from an infection he received when Hel was killed. But with Bianca and her men out to kill every hellhound that was loyal to Hel, can Katherine protect Arwan so the prophecy doesn't come to pass? Who can be trusted when they learn of a new enemy? A surprising twist comes in this story and I can't wait to read the final book to see how it will all end.

When a Sun God makes a prophecy, it’s best to heed the warning.

Katherine stands on the edge of ruin. With Ragnarok in full swing and her friends off finding thier own lives she can’t find a purpose in her existence. When Baldr, their missing Sun God, kidnaps Katherine and entreats her to care for his friend, a wounded hellhound, Katherine makes a selfish choice for the first time in her life.

Arwan never expected to meet a God, let alone fight a group of them to begin the Apocalypse. After the battle between Bianca, the Horseman of Conquest, and Hel, the Goddess of the Underworld, Arwan, escapes home to the Welsh coast intent to die on his own land.

With Hel dead, the Horseman believe they’ve stalled Ragnarok. But Baldr has a dream that convinces the Horseman to take out the remaining hounds loyal to Hel which includes the incapacitated Arwan.

Can Katherine go against her friends to save a man she promised to protect? Even if Arwan could end the Horseman for good?

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