Friday, September 30, 2016

The One ~ Book 6 in The Keeper Saga

This is somewhat of a retelling from Hidden Moon however very different at the same time.  Hidden Moon is from Nikki's point of view, The One is from Adam's point of view.  It was really neat to learn more about what was going on on the wolf side of things when Nikki first moved to town.  It's kind of like one of those things where you only here one side of the story, here you get to hear both sides.  The author did a really good job making the story new yet you still had some 'ah ha' moments like I remember that from Hidden Moon.  But the story is completely different.  For those that have read the series you kind of already know the gist of the series story line.  However, I enjoyed trying to refigure out how they found out the Trail Killer from another point of view. 
Adam Black Water has guarded his tribe's secret for as long as he remember. As leader of his pack, he thinks he knows everything that being a Keeper entails - from protecting the forest, to searching for the elusive killer that stalks the Appalachian Trail.What he isn't ready for - is her. When he meets Nikki Harmon, one thing will become very clear. She is the one who holds the power to change it all.

***Author's Note: "The One" is a retelling of "Hidden Moon" from Adam's point-of-view. ***


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