Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jack ~ Book 4 in The Untold Stories of Neverland

When Jack was a boy, Peter Pan stole him from his home while Jack was still living. Tink had told Peter not to do it but he of course didn't listen. Over time, Jack decided he wanted to be one of the pirates. He spent his time trying to help his crew to remember about their lives from before Neverland. After all, the longer you spent their the more you forgot. Jack was able to convince Hook that they needed to sale out to see every so often, but in doing so, caused differences with each crew. Jack had begun to age. While a pirate, Jack falls in love with mermaid Lorelei. Will Jack continue his quest in wanting to go home when he discovers more information about his families history or will he decide he wants to stay now that he's found love? Loved this book!

Memories are fading as the pirates forget the life they once knew. Only one has managed to remember his life before Pan whisked him away to Neverland--and he's determined to find a way to escape in spite of Hook's need for revenge. Seeking a way to restore the memories of the Jolig Roger's crew, Jack crosses paths with a mermaid searching for her own answers to Neverland's secrets.

Discover the untold story of the Lost Boy who was destined to grow up and the mermaid who will steal his heart.

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