Monday, May 30, 2016

Toma ~ Book 2 from Dark Shadows

WOW, just wow! Ariel Marie does it again! I am definitely loving this series and it's only book two! So this is Toma's story and turns out, just like his little sister Nadira, his mate is human. The catch, it's Nadira's best friend Anika. The good news is that Anika has always secretly had a thing for her best friend's older brother, the bad news, he's never given her the time of day. Well that is until the necromancer Prince Xalak has set his sights on Anika. After Anika is attacked, she ends up staying at the Olaru mansion for protection. Will Anika be safe or will the necromancers come after her again? And with the vampire council wanting the Olaru sons to find their mates, will Toma be ready to admit to himself and everyone else who his mate really is? Loved Toma's story and I can't wait to read book three in the series! The Olaru family is super likable!

For centuries, the Dark Shadows have been charged with protecting the Vampire nation. Necromancers, their mortal enemies, are growing bolder and stronger in their attempt to destroy the vampires.

Anika Massey, best friend to the vampirian princess, has lusted after her friend’s older brother, Toma, for years and he doesn’t seem to even notice she exists. At least, she didn’t think the Dark Shadows warrior did, until the necromancers turned their focus on her.

He noticed her. One touch and Toma Olaru knew he wouldn’t be able to give her up. Since their first meeting he could not get the curvy human female off of his mind. He knew it wasn’t right for him to have feelings for his sister’s best friend, but fate had decided that she’s his mate. She’s human and according to Vampire laws, he cannot have her and should have never touched her.

Anika understands the ways of the vampires and knows she must let Toma go, but will Toma be willing to let her go?

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