Friday, April 15, 2016

Traces of Poppy ~ Book 6 from the Trouble with Elves

Poppy is fated to die, Drayden is turning feral. Can both Poppy and Drayden beat what fate has in store for them? With both of them seeking help from the sage witch, will fate bring the two of them together? Can they trust the sage witch to truly help them? After all, the things she requires Poppy to retrieve is the thing that will kill her. Knowing they are each other's mate, will Poppy and Drayden be able to save each other from what the fates already had planned for them? I loved this story!

Fate may take her life, but he will steal her soul.
Madness stalks Poppy’s dreams, drowning her in darkness, pain, and the fires of hell. Hoping the nightmares can be tamed, she seeks help from a sage witch, only to discover a crueler fate: she is bound to die. The elementals require her sacrifice, or they will end her bloodline forever. The worst part? She just found him...

The elf who is destined for her.
The male who will go mad without her.
The mate she can’t have.

Drayden knows the feral has him. He's turning into a drow faster than he thought possible. Rage and chaos consume him from the inside out, threatening to devour not only him, but his soul mate as well. She fears him, and yet she is the only one who can save him from his nightmare…

If they can survive the sage witch’s treacherous task.
If he can hold onto his soul a little longer.
If he can watch her die.

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