Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fatal Intentions ~ Book 3 in the Deadly Alchemy Series

With Michel now dead, a new vampire leader has emerged, Thomas.  But he's working with a necromancer, a person that can control the undead.  Sarah, another alchemist, stays with Amelia and the pack since she's pregnant.  The necromancer, Irena, wants to rid of all supernatural creatures, to do this, she needs Amelia since she is the one who created the cure.  She tasks Marcus with this, but when he scopes out the packs home, he discovers Sarah.  Knowing she's human, he found his way to Amelia.  When the two meet, Sarah decides that she can use him to her advantage.  Each with their own set of secrets and lies along with developing feelings, where will their loyalties lie?
After the destruction of Michel, fellow Alchemist, Sarah, remained behind with Amelia. Marcus, a vampire who has risen through the ranks, is plotting a hunting exposition; hunt down and destroy all other supernatural creatures in the world. Along the way, Marcus inadvertently meets Sarah and discovers through her, he has a way into her world...a way to Amelia and the pack. He plans to use Sarah to his advantage, but what he didn't count on, what he did not see coming, was Sarah capturing more than just his attention.

With the test of wills, can Marcus hold true to his plans and keep his intentions with Sarah?

Will Sarah be able to tell truth from lies and keep herself, and her friends, safe?

When intentions become fatal, death could follow around any turn.
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